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 Ardini Essential, a renowned premium quality and effective cosmetic brand, presents its latest extraordinary serum to help repair and restore women’s beauty. With an exclusive blend of black seed (nigella sativa) known as “The Amazing Herb” and the purest olive extract, women will find their skin visibly younger and naturally more beautiful from the moment of application.

Ardini Essential Multi Perfection Serum energises the skin through its gentle yet effective solution by repairing damages caused by pimples, pigmentation and ageing skin. Active formulation of the black seed or habbatus sauda works as a natural agent to tighten sagging skin, smoothing away those wrinkles due to collagen loss. Its concentration of olive extract melts into skin and rapidly promotes skin renewal process giving a more radiant complexion. Laden with precious botanical substances, Ardini Essential Multi Perfection Serum stimulates collagen and cells for firmer skin, smoothes the appearances of pimples scar and fades the look of pigmentation in just 2 weeks.

Its latest serum technology helps improve the transport of active ingredients to the deepest layer of skin. As the perfect complement to your beauty regime, it works to nourish skin from within to stimulate collagen and restore skin’s natural firmness. The premium combo of anti-ageing, anti-oxidant innovation promotes the production of healthy skin cell and prevents pimples at the same time.

Since it is 100% natural, Ardini Essential Multi Perfection Serum is perfect for even sensitive skin without irritation or allergy. This revolutionary serum contains active molecules that work to penetrate each layer of the skin diminishing the intensity of spots while preventing their formation in the first place.

Give your skin a royal treatment by firstly cleanse the face from impurities. Dab refreshing toner using cotton ball onto your face before applying Ardini Essential Multi Perfection Serum. The lightweight non-greasy texture allows you to use it morning and evening, and underneath the make-up. It treats both oily and dry skin without damaging its natural structure. The delicate fragrance soothes while quenching your skin with its much-needed attention. Feel your skin visibly hydrates, firms and glows radiantly within weeks!

It has been tested and obtained certification from SIRIM Malaysia and Ministry of Healthy. Formulated with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard, it has also been certified halal, paraben-free and animal tested-free. The extra milestone comes with significant benefit for masculine skin as Ardini Essential Multi Perfection Serum is also suitable for men of modern days.




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